Around $7 Billion in Military Hardware was Left by the US in Afghanistan.

After withdrawing from the war-torn Afghanistan in August of last year, US forces left behind $7.12 billion in military gear. Some of the weaponry & tech identified has already been captured by the Taliban.

For 16 years, the United States donated $18.6 billion in military gear to the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces. After the US withdrew from Afghanistan, $7.12 billion worth of assets, including air-to-ground bombs, planes, combat vehicles, firearms, and other military hardware, remained in the region.

This weaponry is now in the hands of the Taliban, the exact adversary the US has been seeking to push out for the past two decades. Aside from discarded armaments, transportation, and ammo, almost all of the information and communication appliances that the US provided to Afghan forces, including defense and aerospace broadcast mechanisms, as well as associated transmitters and cryptographic devices, remained in Afghanistan at the time of the surrender, according to findings. Mostly all sophisticated technology, including as night vision, surveillance, and biometric and tracking technology, remained in the nation. Other key military equipment was left behind, and now that the Taliban have these capabilities, they have a major competitive advantage in terms of leverage and authority.

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