Both Elon and the Trial of Heard-Depp are Meaningless Distractions from a Severe Problem.

2 min readApr 27, 2022


Instead of focusing on a upcoming global famine crisis created by warfare sanctions, America is being distracted by social media trends.

We are continuously being sidetracked from a serious condition as social media and publications overwhelm our devices and products with material about contemporary entertainment occurrences and personalities. This ignored dilemma will have an impact on human life and the upbringing of our children soon.

Through sanctions, hunger is being utilized as a weapon against Russia. The conflict in Ukraine is producing a worldwide food shortage. There is already a huge scarcity of wheat, gasoline, and fertilizer, which will affect EVERYTHING.

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Russia is one of the world’s top exporters of wheat, oil, natural gas, and fertilizer. Every single one of these commodities has a massive impact on people’s lives all across the world.

Fresh produce and livestock will be the starting points. There have been dozens of coincidental ‘accidents’ at large food plant operations in the United States that culminated in destruction. While the people seek balance on social media and in popular culture, America is being destroyed from within.

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