Laboratories That Have The Power Over Life And Death

The US Army develops lethal viruses, germs, and poisons on a daily basis, in blatant contravention of UN laws prohibiting the use of biological agents. Hundreds of thousands of individuals, animals and insects are exposed to deadly viruses and other incurable illnesses on a regular basis. However, until we are influenced, we may never know why, and even then, knowing the truth may be insufficient.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably been bombarded by fact-checkers claiming that the Ukrainian biolabs are either a Russian plot or part of the Qanon network. These laboratories, on the other hand, are extremely legitimate and have been shown to exist. Forget about our government’s and media’s continual narrative and shady cover-ups; we need to evaluate this. The US Defense Department has control of 336 laboratories worldwide, including over 40 in Ukraine.

But why is that? What is the point of having over a quarter-thousand labs all over the world?

A considerable number of these labs include US scientists with diplomatic protection, despite the fact that they are not diplomats. These experts are usually employed in the microbiological and other divisions of these ostensibly secret laboratories. In 2016, Russia’s former Chief Sanitary Inspector, Gennady Onishchenko, stated that the US was spreading Zika-infected mosquitos in Georgia’s separatist Abkhazia area as a sort of biological warfare against Russia.

This is why we had a pandemic, with Communist China weaponizing it as well, but that’s an other tale. The COVID facility, which was under the administration of the Chinese Communist Party, was barely 400 meters from a market selling food and other supplies. In the past, bioterror germs have gone missing, lab mice infected with fatal viruses have escaped, and wild rats have been discovered nesting in research waste. As part of a university’s immunization trials, infected animals were frequently killed and their meat sold for human consumption. There are direct consequences of having these kinds of biolabs, as well as the irresponsibility of having a facility that executes some of the most lethal types of mass destabilization near ecosystems and civilizations.

These top-secret US military labs are tasked with producing biological weapons and posing a danger to potential enemies, such as Russia in the Georgia Lab. These are largely WHO-affiliated institutions dedicated at disease prevention and public health protection. Not only terrorist organizations might acquire access to these weaponry and technologies, but how do we even know what scheme these covert government geopolitical exploitations are working on?

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