Nord Stream Pipeline: Whodunit?

The Nord Stream breach is being attributed to Russia by the media. But if this was the established truth, Russia didn’t need to take this action. They just need to cease exporting gas to Europe if they no longer choose to do so.

When three Baltic nations conduct elections to re-join Russia, why is the Nord Stream Pipeline damaged during that same week? Russia only needs to close a few faucets to stop the flow of gas. Why would Russia make the long journey to Poland merely to blow up their own pipeline? All these European nations that heavily rely on Russian oil are now beginning to fall apart, including Germany and Italy. Germany was the financial anchor on which all other European nations could rely, but they are currently experiencing the biggest financial disaster in in a century.

However, dismissing Russia as a victim of its own tragedy is never a wise move. Russia has a reputation for accusing others and, when criticized, for making counter-accusations in response. This might be an illustration of Russian coordination motivated by policy interest.

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