Reddit Collective Pushing Supporters to Vanish While Protesting Roe v. Wade

2 min readJun 29, 2022

To hide their footprints during the Roe v. Wade ruling, Soros-funded political protesting group Antifa and similar spinoff factions are using data-disabling protocols.

r/WorkersStrikeBack on Reddit

Far-left political organizations protesting the removal of Roe v. Wade are posting instructions on how to “protest safely” on the famous social media platform Reddit. These “safe” instructions include packing tear gas, wearing nondescript clothing and color choices, among other things. These guidelines clearly advise the sheep to, quote, “Don’t bring cell phones without turning off face/touch ID, going into airplane mode, and shutting off data.”

But wait, didn’t many people, particularly left-leaning persons and groups, denounce cell tagging and surveillance as false and inaccurate claims from the film 2000 Mules? Why then do these anti-democracy organizations openly advise their adherents to follow these data-disabling guidelines before rioting?

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Oh, that’s interesting, isn’t it. Additionally, as is evident from the Supreme Court’s ruling, Antifa is everywhere now. We are currently witnessing Antifa and related groups protesting and rioting all throughout the country.

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To understand what is meant, look up “protesting safely” on Reddit.