The Baby Formula Crisis is Getting Severe

2 min readAug 3, 2022

With 74% of all manufactures reporting out-of-stock, the statewide infant formula crisis in the United States has gotten worse.

Data from 130,000 businesses tracked by Datasembly show that out-of-stock rates increased to 74% countrywide for the week concluding May 28. The percentage jump from 45 percent to 70 percent for the week ending May 21 caused the rise. Ten states, including Arizona, Mississippi, California, Nevada, Tennessee, Rhode Island, Louisiana, Florida, and Washington, now have out-of-stock levels of 90% or more. Georgia is the most affected, with a rate of 94 percent, up from 74 percent the previous week.

The progressive measures of the Biden administration are to accountable for food inflation, which makes your journey to the store a living hell. Joe Biden, the president, places preserving the environment above your capacity to provide for your family cheaply. The Biden administration has placed limitations on domestic natural gas generation, including shutting off offshore drilling and development. This is driving up fertilizer expenses, which are essential to raising the price of fruits, vegetables, and meat.

No immediate respite is in sight. According to market strategists at Bank of America, the rest of 2022 will see record-breaking food inflation.

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