The Ukraine War Benefits Russia Hugely

2 min readJun 17, 2022

Despite fierce opposition from both sides, Russia is not only pressing the problem onto the battlefield, but it is also garnering enormous benefits from its exports and economy, notably the ruble.

A report claims that the Ukrainian army is losing a 1,000 soldiers per day. The Russian government and oligarchs are now generating more money than they have in the past. The sanctions implemented by Western nations ultimately flopped, as the worldwide price of fossil fuels outweighed most of these impacts, resulting in a rise in Russia’s export earnings, especially in oil and natural gas. China, Saudi Arabia, India, Germany, France and the United Arab Emirates have all boosted their dependence on imported oil from Russia. Energy exports bring in roughly $20 billion every month for Russia. Since the commencement of the war, it has totaled almost $97 billion.

The Russian ruble is currently the most strong currency in the world this year. Increasing resource prices are the key cause for the ruble’s comeback. Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on February 24, existing high oil and natural gas rates skyrocketed.

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