Ukraine vs Russia, Why This Affects The USA

2 min readFeb 25, 2022

What effect would the autocratic Vladimir Putin’s actions, as a former KGB operative and possibly the world’s wealthiest person to exist today, have on the United States and its economy as Putin conducts an invasion against the liberated state of Ukraine?

Russia is launching quote ‘special military operations’ against a number of cities and militarized sectors in Ukraine. The Verkhovna Rada, Ukraine’s parliament, has enacted a measure that substantially expands citizen access to weapons. As a result, Ukraine is now allowing its citizens to protect their nation and autonomy. As a result of Putin’s actions, Russia’s stock market is down more than 30%, the Russian ruble is at a historical low against the US dollar, oil is up 7% from over $103, grain prices are at a nine-year record, gold is at its maximum price, and bitcoin is down to $35,000.

Russia might be on the verge of initiating Article-5 of the Nato Alliance. If Russia launches a cyberattack, every NATO country would be required to declare war on Russia. If Russia uses all of its cyber-related might against Ukraine, it will have an impact on all of the forces being deployed throughout the world. If Ukraine’s power is turned off, it may also be turned off in Eastern Poland and Romania. If hospitals are closed, it may have an impact on our military.

The fundamental issue is what the future holds for the United States. Will Russia launch cyber-assaults on the United States? We’re all aware with their social media propaganda methods to disrupt our society but with the ongoing support from the Chinese Communist Party, could they be capable of causing an internal socio-cultural collapse in our economy before launching a full-fledged invasion?

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