US Spending for Ukraine Has Cost More than 5 Years in Afghanistan

2 min readJul 13, 2022

With tens of billions of dollars’ worth of military equipment on the way, we have already spent $8 billion on military aid for the Ukrainian government. The United States has already spent more on security aid to Ukraine than it did throughout the first five years of the Afghan war, according to data.

The US is providing Ukraine another $400 million in military help, the Biden administration recently declared. Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, seized power over the eastern Luhansk province last week. In an effort to counter Putin’s push, Congress pledged earlier this year to invest $54 billion in conventional international assistance and military support.

Through 2006, the United States spent $7.4 billion on its war against the Taliban, according to The costliest year was 2011, when the United States spent $11.4 billion in its 20-year conflict, which came to a disastrous conclusion with the withdrawal of Kabul last August.

Ukraine’s president announced publicly that it needs up to $7 billion and $5 billion in assistance per month in April and May of this year. According to a Dutch political group, Zelensky looks to be truly rich. Zelensky is worth more than $850 million, according to various estimates. The majority of it was gathered following his election as president. Then, where does the money come from? We can definitely confirm that American business magnate, George Soros, was involved in the installation of Volodymyr Zelenskyy, a former actor who is now the president of Ukraine.

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