Where’s Hunter?

After two years, the New York Times has officially confirmed the existence of Hunter Biden’s laptop and its incriminating contents. Every night on MSNBC, CNN, and pretty much any liberal media outlet such as The Washington Post, the same group is devoted to disproving the existence of Hunter Biden’s laptop claiming a Russian collusion, which contains embarrassing emails showing illicit drug usage and dental operations as a result, prostitution, and other improper behavior. Hunter Biden is now selling pricey nonsense he refers to as art and he’s depleting Ukraine’s finances with his energy and biotech shady business ventures.

The laptop tale arose when the future president Biden’s son handed it off for maintenance in April 2019 and did not return. Hunter Biden and his family and business colleagues exchanged a wealth of texts and emails, images, and financial data on the hard drive. Hunter Biden was caught up in a slew of questionable business ventures all around the world, according to the documents, and he was hoping to cash in on his family and connections. This was discussed during President Trump’s debate with Biden, who stated on stage that the story about his son was a falsehood and quote ‘garbage’. As a result, the current US President lied about a now-proven occurrence. The owner of a Delaware computer repair business who alerted the FBI about Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop before handing it over to Rudy Giuliani claims he’s been harassed by Big Tech, the IRS, and other federal entities ever since, and is now apparently facing financial ruin.

This laptop included a cache of emails and other documents revealing Hunter Biden’s business operations in Ukraine and China, including material implicating his father in some of them. According to one of the documents found on Biden’s laptop, he was engaged on a contract in 2017 to transport liquefied natural gas from the United States to a Chinese energy business.

Even the US government and DOS intelligence community tried to disprove the allegations against the laptop, claiming it was all part of a Kremlin related plot. This is all planned out, and these individuals that have these types of ‘security’ clearances that allow them to invalidate legitimate crimes. This is completely inappropriate. Have you noticed it’s always the same folks (DOJ, FBI, CIA, Mainstream News, President Admin) are continually seeking to dismiss real events and erroneous discourse in the US government’s liberal, democratic, and international diplomatic actions?

Our own government has been accused of not only discrediting reality, but also of engaging in information security misconducts, surveillance such as Edward Snowden revealing thousands of secret NSA documents, and acting as basically a goon squad: silencing ideological opponents and suppressing any opposition to policies and their own behavior patterns, as evidenced by Project Veritas columnists proving the establishment and components of Ashley Biden’s journal who were raided by the FBI.

It’s a sorry state of matters in which we currently find ourselves. Those who claim to represent us are actually working against us.

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