“You Will Eat The Bugs!”

2 min readAug 6, 2022


Organizations and personalities throughout the world are urging people to consume less meat and more insects as an alternative source of nutrition.

The World Economic Forum is one of these powerful entities that has encouraged eating bugs more regularly. Numerous media and publishing outlets have promoted the nutritional benefits of eating insects as well as how this affects climate change. Even legislative and economic institutions are developing regulations that serve as food transition methods for people to use insect eating as an option to replacing meat in their diets.

Eating insects can raise the danger of probable biological, chemical, and physical threats to food security for consumable bugs. These include mycotoxins, pesticides, heavy metals, antimicrobials, infections, fungus, and parasites.

The preservation and customer preference system is one of the problems with an excess production of insects. By freeze-drying and processing the insects for human use, this procedure requires a large amount of energy.

There was no evidence that any insects were considerably healthier than animal products in food research studies using the Ofcom Model (Payne, 2015).

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